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The person behind the Camera

Hello Beautiful Humans!!!

I am SO excited you want to capture a moment in your life! I fell in love with photography when I wanted to know about my grandparents and they weren't around. I had so many questions and when I saw some of the pictures of the many stories I heard, I was able to feel like I was there with them. Many years and many moons past and I had my first baby...sweet Miss Olivia! I wanted to be able to freeze time and remember these precious moments as they passed so quickly and being a tired mama, I couldn't write down what I wanted to remember...thus began my photography obsession.

I started taking pictures for my family and others and this grew into this business...Photo-Crush. I've mainly worked via word of mouth and still do this day, this is my favorite form of organic advertisement (I have a referral program that makes me so giddy). I love the details in life as well as the big moments. Taking pictures is more about that emotion that life brings, this is where I love focusing on...those tiny shoes, the shiny ring, that smile, that glow, that feeling when you look into the eyes of your most favorite person, when you all laugh or cry...the story of you and your life that is wanting to not just be seen, but heard! I want to be able to capture these moments for you!

I cannot wait to join you in your life's adventures, allowing you to truly be in the moment while I click some lasting memories!

Welcome to my life's crush...Photo-Crush!

Thanks for submitting!

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